First dynamic motion wireless control miniature racing car rolls out of factory
First dynamic motion wireless control miniature racing car rolls out of factory

Hong Kong SAR, October 5, 2012 / - A Hong Kong-based toy design company will roll out a new generation of slot car racing system that overcomes the technical limitation of traditional slot car game, resembling the experience of track car racing in real life.


DMXSLOTS, the inventor of the new slot car racing system, integrates a precise digital technology to unlock miniature slot car from its traditional limitations in navigation and changing lanes.  Many serious players are overwhelmed by the possibilities of redefining the competitive nature of slot car racing. A video on YouTube featuring DMXSLOTS racing has already aroused widespread interest and enquires from slot car racing fans around the world. 


“DMXSLOTS’ racing system DMXSLOTS car can pass, dodge, or intercept its competitors at any time and any place on the track.” a spokesperson from DMXSLOTS said, “We are delighted to announce the first shipment of this platform that revolutionizes the history of slot car racing. We are convinced that DMXSLOTS will definitely bring the fun and excitement of slot car racing to a new level.”


While traditional slot cars are confined to a single slot, or lane, on the track, and only able to change lanes and pass other cars at specific, purpose-designed cross-over sections of track, DMXSLOTS cars can change lanes and speeds at any place on its track modules.  Traditional slot cars have a fixed pin that fits into a groove or slot on the track and guides them as they speed forward.  DMXSLOTS cars have a rotating mechanism underneath each car with pins that retract and protrude as the driver commands the car to move left or right.  The car disengages its pin with one lane’s slot, moves to one side or the other, and reinserts a pin in the new lane’s slot.  The DMXSLOTS track has a series of parallel slots, allowing drivers to change lanes inside, middle or outside of the raceway, passing or blocking other racers.


DMXSLOTS’ “My 1st DMXSLOTS”, a basic package of DMXSLOTS slot car racing, will be available to ship on DEC. 15, DMXSLOTS confirmed in its official web site


DMXSLOTS has also built a unique digital counter that can keep track of lap records for up to 15 cars on the raceway. It can display the top six racers’ rankings, finished laps and record the speed of each car.


“We are now accepting pre-order at our on-line store, orders from US, UK, France and, Germany are expected to be shipped by December of 2012.” the spokesperson said, “Other countries may be a little later subject to arrangement progress with local partners.” The price of a basic set is US$165 (free shipping in US) with 2 Infrared cars and a total track length of 18 feet.




Based out of Hong Kong, DMXSLOTS is focused on design and marketing of slot cars, tracks and accessories leveraging a patented technology.  Its design allows slot cars to take over each other at any point on a purpose-built track. Held privately by a group of top toy designers, the company has a presence in many countries.  For more information, please visit


“What is DMXSLOTS?” Please visit Video link

“Changing lanes at will” demonstration, please visit Video link


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