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Track based car racing game has been exists for about 100 years (1912), "slot car" is the most popular car racing platform adopted by hobbyists around the world. However, the play pattern of slot car is limited by the original platform. The racers cannot over take and/or block its counterparts at any spot and time on the raceway. What they can do is to add a “cross point” on their raceway in order to let the car change its lane. Such limitation of the platform cannot fulfill the needs of the slots car racers around the world.

Dynamic Motion Express slot car (DMXSLOTS) is a new patented car racing platform invented that enables racing cars can overtake/block its counter parts at any time and spot on the raceway. With the DIY options available on the DMXSLOTS platform, hobbyist can construct their raceway and pick right accessories to better the design and outlook of their own raceway. Besides, the hobbyists can tune the performance of the racing car by applying different DIY accessories such as “speed pattern chip” and “electronic motor engine” for their car.

The play pattern will be changed completely!

Due to the flexibility of the DMXSLOTS platform, it support up to 15 cars racing on the same raceway at the same time (depends on the length of the raceway). DIY option such as electronic Lap counter (support up to 15 cars) makes professional car racing game possible. DMXSLOTS is a new generation track base car racing game that bring to you professional racing game. How to use “Booster” better and minimize your “Pit Stop” stay than other racers will make the game fun and tactical. Don’t forget to post your racing score in the official dmxslots.org. You may be the next top 10 racers in DMXSLOTS world.

Seeing is believing! View the video link below to see how it works. Visit our on-line store to pick the best options for your racing needs. Team up your friend to form your own racing team and you will get special discount (detail) from our on-line store. Lets share this new racing platform with your friend and make our DMXSLOTS a better place for racers.

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