Speed pattern Chip
Speed pattern Chip

For the speed pattern chip, pls see the detailed description.

The speed pattern chip, we have T and T+ chip. Maybe let us explain the function of the speed pattern chip so that you understand how it works.

Each car have 5 level speed levels, the "chip" managed level of power supply to the racing motor. For example, the standard chip "R", start up power is 30% and T-ship is 35% and T+ is 40%. That is to say T+ have faster start up speed than the other 2. However, at the end the top speed is the same so the game is still a fair game.  Actually, the chip will not make the car have a higher top speed but have a better speed in each level.

We do not sell the chip separately as we will base on the style of the car to make a good match to enhance its characteristics on the raceway.

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